©Mariella Mosler


OSO- Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) was the name of a series of eight NASA satellites for the exploration of the sun. Among other things, the OSO satellites discovered the Sun’s coronal holes, which are particularly strong sources of solar wind. While over Earth’s night side, the satellites were used to observe galaxies and double stars. OSO – 9 is a satellite of Current that, starting from Stuttgart’s main train station, scans and analyzes the urban space around: Can artistic interventions give transfer spaces and „non-places“ as Marc Augé calls them – a permeability and porosity? What might future possibilities of artistic activity in urban space look like, what forms can they take, who would like to participate? On the construction site, on the paths to the tracks, in the underpasses, in the molecules and vibrations of the air – OSO records and broadcasts simultaneously:

Nesenbachstraße–Gerberplätzle: Sara Hernandez
Oberer Schloßgarten between Eckensee and Staatsoper: Pauline Landos
Underpass Opernhaus–Staatsgalerie: Xingying Li
Metro station Pragfriedhof: Sofia Mobilia
Kienestraße 37: Carmen Weber
Construction site and central station: Yamo Aydemir, Gabriella Bakos, Johannes Bienefeld, Chris Binder, Marie David, Markus Gehrig, Dana Kast, Holger Krekeler, Christopher Lampart, Paulina Lange, Felix Mohr, Michelle Mousavi, Nina Nielebock, Leonie Weber, Zamal, SUPER VIVAZ

Performances, sculptures, videos, light and sound installations by students of the sculpture classes Koch & Mosler of the ABK-Stuttgart.

In cooperation with „Current – Kunst und urbaner Raum“. A project of the Art Public Space – Culture Matters. With the kind support of Deutsche Bahn and ITS InfoTurmStuttgart.